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About Us

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We are so glad that you found us! Welcome to Females Are Strong!

 Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and take a look around our online store. We hope you found something that spoke to you and that you’ll be back – maybe even bring a few girlfriends next time!

 As a female-owned business, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and well-curated place for you to shop and support other businesses that are owned and driven by strong, smart, and powerful women!

 As women, we certainly have many odds stacked against us, which is why it has always been our mission to support each other. We genuinely believe that each and every one of us has the power to lift each other up and elevate females all around.

 Sourcing our products from all over the world, we support the finest artisans and supports and women of all kinds from across the globe. This is especially important to our mission because we believe that strength and support are imperative to lifting up women everywhere!

 We are proud to shine the light on as many talented and successful women as possible, and we are always happy to accept recommendations! Please let us know if there is a designer or supplier that you think belongs on our site! You can send us an email at