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BrunnaCo is a Californian plant-based fashion line established in 2017. They represent the voice of local artisans in Bali and other provinces of Indonesia who work from the comfort of their own home while nurturing their children and family. They are known for their island-hopping bags & accessories collection which are sourced directly from local farmers. Their vision empowers local talent to preserve Indonesian culture.
In every piece that we create, we interact closely with artisans from
Bali, Java, Sumba, Lombok, Borneo, and more,
sharing our knowledge and inspiration to bring
the finest and most genuine Indonesian local culture to the world.
Each of our collections are made meticulously by artisans
who are mostly women from the comfort of their home.
We are proud to be able to work directly with them to support them to work
with the system that they love so they can support their
family’s economy while playing their important roles
as a mother and housewife.

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