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Silvia Cobos

Once a Government executive who became a Mother for the first time found herself in the midst of one of the most challenging times of her life, balancing the work life with her dream of becoming a mother. Somehow the birth of her daughter only gave her the drive to push further and follow her other dream of becoming an entrepreneur. That’s how VIDA LEATHER (Now SILVIA COBOS) was born.

ILVIA COBOS is a Women’s shoe brand based in Miami,FL and Manufactured in Colombia, inspired by movement and daily challenges which offers a comfy-chic hand-made alternative to footwear with the perfect balance between quality and comfort at affordable prices. The handcrafted details + unique textures and materials deliver a Shoe that's incredible light and soft to the feet

Innovative and Sustainable handmade techniques that embellish comfortable shoe forms using natural fibers and unique textures along with the best quality leather transformed by talented hands, always with a Women’s perspective for practical and comfortable wearability....

And of course lots of Passion and Love in every step of the process!

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