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Yugen Tribe

An ever expanding collection of the wearable cosmos, handcrafted with love.
We specialize in handmade celestial jewelry that celebrates our place in space on this lonely blue planetary world.
But, we're sure glad to share it with You.

gen was founded by Lauren Beacham in 2007, and was a creative outlet after earning her BFA in photography to bring her Polaroids and jewelry together. After 4 years of significant growth, Lauren left her job as a gallery director to run her business full time. Her husband Tyler helps part time, and wonderful studio manager Brittany Elbourn joined the team in summer 2015. They work in a small studio nestled in a tiny mountain town in northwestern Maryland. 
We at yūgen are here to provide excellent customer service, beautiful products, and a welcoming atmosphere. We are here to celebrate the universe with you - its literal beauty, incredible mystery, and the people and places we find as our home within it. And we love hand-crafting these treasures to incorporate into your own beautiful life.
We're positively thrilled to have you.
Welcome to our Universe.

yūgen / yoo-gehn / n. : an awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words

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